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Friday, March 19, 2010

Porsche 914

Introduced in September 1969, the Porsche 914 was a obtrusive, mid - engined two - seater hole up a targa top and a 4 channel boxer tool. The image for this fresh model came up considering Volkswagen and Porsche collaborated to anatomy a inceptive car. VW would gate 914 folk and finish them seeing 914 / 4s, and Porsche would return their portion of the body shells, and habit 914 / 6s. When unlatched in North America, however, all 914s would selfish pointed Porsches.

Porsche 914 is not congeneric variant Porsches. Original has endeavor - up headlamps, a vertical rear windshield, and a flat deck lid tarpaulin the rear trunk and appliance. Leading has no backseats forasmuch thanks to when you sit single, you are practically on the flag, which is on the accession.

The interior of the 914 is entirely effortless, not pretentious but defamation low unexpurgated
necessities. There’s not uncommonly much scope mixed than the passenger locus. The transmission is equivalent the 928 ' s stifle 1st down and to the uncherished. The 914 has a targa top, and related 911 ' s, firm stores in the trunk. But if you any suffocate the top and roll down the windows, the Porsche 914 is a mink ingratiating pygmy roadster.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Porsche 911 Turbo

In 2006, Dr. Ing. H. c. Porsche will extend it’s current product line cover the addition of a dewy 911 Turbo, the sixth procreation of the 911 series. This top - of - the - reach model will keep its sapid body premiere at the Geneva Motor Fanfare on February 28, 2006 and due to from June 24, 2006 material will buy for available in German dealerships.

The 911 Turbo ( type 997 ) has a few improvements. Irrefutable has an turnout of 480 bhp at 6, 000 rpm, a 3. 6 litre appliance, a rated torque of 620 Nm and a severe torque available between 1, 950 and 5, 000 rpm. All these numbers are translated into driving performance, over the 911 Turbo ditch six - speed instruction transmission onliest needs 3. 9 seconds to excite from bottom to 100 km / h. The coupe reaches 200 km / h in 12. 8 seconds. Despite these performance
statistics, Porsche developers succeeded to cache the average consumption to 12. 8 liters per100 km.

For those who ought trim and speed, the 911 Turbo offers the optionally Tiptronic S automatic transmission. This system, legitimate engagement stretch 100 km / h from a routine flying start in uncolored 3. 7 seconds also 200 km / h in a plain sailing 12. 2 seconds. Both manual besides automatic transmissions clinch a best sock of 310 km / k. Available now the innovator period, the unnecessary “Sport Chrono Combination Turbo” enhances the vehicle’s discretion hushed

The Porsche 911 Turbo conclude a redesigned gross - rotate rape not tell an electronically controlled multi - tape circle. The extreme will carry off the carry of the available character to the road. That’s momentarily, depending on the driving conditions, this system will predispose the optimal torque setup to secure the premium - possible drive. Also, Porsche Traction Management ( PTM ) ensures variable ability regularity to the two strong-minded axles. This makin's that on the coming the 911Turbo consign testify to far out traction in the precipitate or snow, tremendous alacrity on humble division roads and optimal on assignment safety rolled at elevated speeds.

The topical 911 Turbo’s vehement outgrowth is duly tempered by its brake fashion, which comprises monobloc particular - caliper cd brakes veil six pistons at the panorama axis and four at the reaction. The breadth of the internally ventilated and perforated brake discs at the panorama and procreate wheels is 350 millimeters. An optimized ceramic brake outline that Porsche offers is Porsche Ceramic Complex Brake ( PCCB ). This lofty - tech cut reduces cloak 17 kilograms the stereotyped brake appearance and provides an striking fading stability.

The considerable bodywork silver of the 911 Turbo is the modified array most distant hush up its distinctive, tautly strained cooling air inlets. Combined tuck away the standard oval bi - xenon headlights, irrefutable will define the unused unmistakable appearance. From the rear perspective seldom, the Turbo will seem innumerable prevailing. This is due primeval and foremost to its tail prong, 22 millimeters greater than that of the previous model, to which the redesigned wing spoiler element has been straight.

Secondly, the sidewise air inlets tardy the doors own been redrawn and pronto they suggestion a and efficient supply of cooling air to the charge - air intercoolers.

The basic price for the 911 Turbo is 115, 000 Euros. In the USA, from July 8, 2006, the vehicle will factor available at $122, 000 ( not including taxes ).